Real is Good

Reality,  Freedom and the Computer Network


Entertainer Sand Sheff lays out an argument that the International Computer Network has rapidly evolved into a tyrant of cosmic proportions. From the campfires of our past to the modern cell phone,  a love of fires and storytelling leaves us transfixed in the face of screens, preparing us for an unprecedented relationship with our technology. With illustrations by the author.

A book about the eclipse


The Eclipse Miracle

Written and Illustrated by Sand Sheff


Did you know that the Sun an the Moon appear the same size in the sky?  That's because the Sun is 400 times bigger than the Moon, but also 400 times farther away.  It's been called "the great coincidence", but is it really just coincidence?  Come take a journey to learn secrets of the Sun and Moon, and get a front-row seat as they line up to show us the amazing ECLIPSE MIRACLE!