• Lord Go Easy0:00
  • Beautiful Island2:40
  • Cowboy Song0:00
  • I Met Merle Travis0:00
  • Song on a Napkin0:00
  • Clouds Turned To Horses0:00
  • Jesus Turn Me Loose0:00
  • At Vanity's Fair0:00
  • Hitched a Ride0:00
  • Love Me Like a Stranger0:00
  • Bang On Me0:00
  • I'll Fly Away3:58
  • Prettiest Girl in the World2:09



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Performing at Durango Bluegrass Meltdown April 21--23rd 2017

The new book, The Eclipse Miracle-The Sun's The Same Size as The Moon in the Sky, will be available this Spring. Check back soon for details!

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