• Country Is as Country Was2:15
  • Lord Go Easy0:00
  • Turn Me Around3:17
  • Mr. Jones (The Buckskin Stallion)4:24
  • Riding My Paint out in the Snow3:18
  • Miner, Miner3:31
  • I Met Merle Travis0:00
  • That Old Horse3:46
  • Cowboy Song0:00
  • New King in Babylon (Lion on a White Horse)6:35
  • Refugees of Wonderland3:46
  • Song on a Napkin0:00
  • Clouds Turned To Horses0:00
  • Bang On Me0:00
  • It Aint Too Late6:56
  • Nickel in the Cup3:41
  • Fine Country Girl4:05
  • Sleep (The Lullaby)3:35
  • Once Upon a Time in Texas3:43
  • I'll Fly Away3:58
  • At Vanity's Fair0:00
  • Hitched a Ride0:00
  • Beautiful Island2:40
  • Miss You Darling4:19
  • Love Me Like a Stranger0:00
  • Prettiest Girl in the World2:09
  • Woman With Strong Hands and Pretty Eyes3:46
  • Mary Wore Three Links of Chain4:19
  • Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms2:25
  • Smile While You're Sleeping3:16
  • The Rainbow Sign (Piece of His Mind)4:12
  • if you don't Haunt me4:46
  • Song on a Napkin3:10
  • Dance Called Second Chance3:37
  • Good in the Water2:48
  • Praying for an Angel3:35
  • Last Song for the Days4:14
  • Sleep (The Lullaby)3:35
  • Nowhere Town3:09
  • You Didn't Need a Cowboy5:12
  • Angel Don't You Cry2:41
  • I Declare3:16
  • Wild Moon Shine4:05

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"Like an evening of high-octane cactus juice around a campfire with Gram Parsons, Lyle Lovett and Pink Floyd."

--JC Shepherd KRFC Radio

Roots Music Report

"The very definition of Americana".

Music Row Magazine (Nashville)

"Sand writes infectious, literate songs in the vein of Kris Kristofferson and Steve Earle. His albums include tunes that are instant classics. Sand is gifted enough to be compared with the best."

-Rosie Carter -Hearsay Magazine (Colorado)

"Spellbinding"--Johanna J. Bodde

Insurgent Country.net

"  Don't call him retro. In his earthy, idiosyncratic songs songs, Sheff dodges the conventional wisdom that says old-sounding songs can't incorporate up-to-the-date subject matter....his musical tall tales tend to get the most attention, but his more pensive songs depict the timeless pull between city and country living from both sides."

--Nashville Scene


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